Gravity Forms v2.3 Released

Gravity Forms 2.3 Release Announcement

Gravity Forms v2.3 is now available via automatic update and the downloads page.

Version 2.3 is a feature release that includes a variety of enhancements and improvements. A complete rundown of the features, enhancements, and changes can be found below.

Gravity Forms v2.3 Highlights

  • Added security enhancements.
  • Improved accessibility: tabindex attribute is now suppressed unless enabled via the shortcode or gform_tabindex filter.
  • Select All choice added to Checkbox Field to easily select/deselect all choices.
  • Multiple form export files can now be imported at once using the Import/Export tools.
  • Introduced support for OpenSSL encryption.
  • Deprecated support for Mcrypt encryption.
  • Added Notifications setting for defining CC email to Email Notification. Enabled using the new gform_notification_enable_cc filter.
  • Updated the included Chosen JS library for the enhanced Drop Down field UI to the latest version.
  • Updated Gravity Forms database schema for performance and scalability.

Upgrading to v2.3

This is the first time Gravity Forms has ever made a major change to the database schema so we want to ensure that the upgrade process goes smoothly and successfully for all sites.

The database upgrade process will be completely automatic and transparent and you won’t need to intervene. If your site or multisite network has a large number of entries (100k+) then, depending on your server resources, you may find the migration takes a long time to complete. If you have any questions or see any errors, please open a support ticket so we can help you.

As with any major updates, be sure to make a backup of your database before updating. This is especially important for releases such as these, where there are several major database changes occurring. For more information on handling this major update, take a look at our Upgrading to Gravity Forms 2.3 article.

Gravity Forms v2.3 Changelog

  • Added security enhancements.
  • Added accessibility enhancements: Updated the field markup to suppress the tabindex attribute by default unless it's set explicitly via the shortcode or the gform_tabindex filter.
  • Added the X-Robots-Tag header to the .htaccess file protecting the downloads and to the download request response.
  • Added support for chunking file uploads via the gform_plupload_settings filter. This enables much larger files to be uploaded than the server would ordinarily accept.
  • Added support for OpenSSL encryption.
  • Added checkbox to select all forms for export.
  • Added "gform_notification_enable_cc" filter to enable CC notification settings field.
  • Added "Select All" choice to Checkbox field.
  • Added a dismissible admin message while upgrading.
  • Added the gform_form_list_count filter for overriding the filter counts on the forms list page. Credit: Randall-Reilly and 10up.
  • Added the gform_form_list_forms filter for overriding the forms included on the forms list page. Credit: Randall-Reilly and 10up.
  • Added a PHP notice which triggers if a legacy table is accessed in a db query from an outdated add-on or custom code.
  • Added Saint Martin with country code MF to country list
  • Upgraded included Chosen jQuery library to version 1.7.
  • Updated wording in installation wizard.
  • Updated behavior when deleting an entry to match WordPress deletion behavior.
  • Updated Import Forms page to allow for importing multiple files at once.
  • Updated Import Forms page verbiage.
  • Updated the database schema. Entries will be migrated in the background unless GFORM_AUTO_DB_MIGRATION_DISABLED constant is true. Database rows will be migrated in batches of 10000 or by the number defined by the GFORM_DB_MIGRATION_BATCH_SIZE constant.
  • Updated the upgrade process to fail form validation while upgrading. The form is now displayed.
  • Updated the System Report to indicate whether background tasks are possible.
  • Fixed submitting a form with keyboard navigation when the submit or next page button is hidden.
  • Fixed an issue with the input mask on Android devices.
  • Fixed error message appearing when updating logging settings after deleting a log.
  • Fixed PHP notice when receiving an invalid response when registering site.
  • Fixed redirection issue when permanently deleting or trashing an entry from the entry detail view.
  • Fixed an issue with HTML5 elements where browser validation can fail if the field is hidden by conditional logic.
  • Fixed merge tag UI tooltip not appearing when with a visual editor.
  • Fixed security index files not getting created in custom file upload locations.
  • Fixed an issue with the form submission process where notifications may be sent with blank field values when WordPress is using certain database cluster configurations.
  • Fixed an issue with the form editor preventing screen readers from editing field settings.
  • Fixed debug warnings when activating using the WP CLI.
  • Fixed an issue with logging in the background processor.
  • Fixed a notice in the conversions column of the forms list for some forms with PHP 7.1.
  • Fixed a PHP 7.2 deprecation notice which occurred when processing an Ajax enabled form submission.
  • Fixed an issue with entry searching on PHP 7.2.
  • Fixed an issue with the nl_BE translations.
  • Fixed a PHP 7.2 warning which occurred when deleting fields for a form where the entry list columns have not been customized.
  • Fixed the HTML for the Forms menu item on the admin toolbar containing an extra closing a tag.
  • Fixed evaluation of conditional logic rules using the entry value of multi-select type post custom fields created with GF2.2+.
  • Fixed required validation of the Radio Button field "other" choice value.
  • Fixed ampersands in the Post Title field value being replaced by HTML entities.

Gravity Forms v2.3 API Changelog

  • Added multisite support to GF_Background_Process.
  • Added GF_Query. One query to rule them all. Credit: The team at GravityView.
  • Added GF_Field::get_context_property() and GF_Field::set_context_property() to help define and determine the context for the field.
  • Added GFAPI::get_field() for retrieving the field object for the requested field or input ID from the supplied form or form ID.
  • Updated CSV entry export not to unserialize values. GF_Field::get_value_export() and the gform_export_field_value filter must return either a string or an array, not a serialized value.
  • Fixed handling of confirmation redirects.
  • Deprecated GFCommon::encrypt() and GFCommon::decrypt().
  • Fixed a performance issue while clearing the transients.
  • Removed support for duplicate keys for checkbox fields in search criteria field filters - use array values with IN or NOT IN instead.
  • Fixed an issue with the result of GFAPI::update_feed() where a not_found error is returned when no changes are made to the feed meta. The result now returns the number of rows updated or a WP_Error in the case of an error.

Gravity Forms v2.3 Add-On Framework Changelog

  • Added "no_choices" property to select settings field to display message when no choices exist.
  • Added feed deletion when a form is deleted.
  • Updated settings saved text to include Add-On short title.
  • Updated GFFeedAddOn::duplicate_feed() to return new feed ID.
  • Fixed results page processing of Multi Select fields created with GF2.2+.
  • Fixed an issue with the entry array during form submission where the values for multi-input fields are not registered properly in the entry array.
  • Fixed a JavaScript error which can occur when deleting a form in the form editor and an add-on has included a script with "gform_form_editor" as a dependency.
  • Fixed an issue where feeds for add-ons not selected as delayed on the PayPal feed could, in some situations, be processed following PayPal payment.

Note for Developers

The database schema has changed in v2.3 to improve performance and scalability. If you have any code that accesses the Gravity Forms tables directly you will need to update your table and column names to prevent loss of data. Any existing code that uses Gravity Forms API functions (GFAPI) will not be affected. Further details in the documentation.

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