How UF Health Uses Gravity Forms for Critical Data

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These days, hospitals have just as many online as they do offline. With multiple hospitals, clinics, colleges and research institutes, as well as over 22,000 employees, UF Health is no exception. Combine that with over 1,500 sites across a multiple WordPress Multisite installations, and you have quite the technological challenge to keep everything moving smoothly.

We always love to hear about how people are using Gravity Forms in large-scale, mission-critical environments. Today, I had the pleasure of chatting with one of the University of Florida Health's senior developers: Chris Wiegman to get a better understanding of the unique challenges they face every day, and how UF Health uses Gravity Forms to solve those problems.

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Gravity Forms v2.3 Released

Gravity Forms 2.3 Release Announcement

Gravity Forms v2.3 is now available via automatic update and the downloads page.

Version 2.3 is a feature release that includes a variety of enhancements and improvements. A complete rundown of the features, enhancements, and changes can be found below.

Gravity Forms v2.3 Highlights

  • Added security enhancements.
  • Improved accessibility: tabindex attribute is now suppressed unless enabled via the shortcode or gform_tabindex filter.
  • Select All choice added to Checkbox Field to easily select/deselect all choices.
  • Multiple form export files can now be imported at once using the Import/Export tools.
  • Introduced support for OpenSSL encryption.
  • Deprecated support for Mcrypt encryption.
  • Added Notifications setting for defining CC email to Email Notification. Enabled using the new gform_notification_enable_cc filter.
  • Updated the included Chosen JS library for the enhanced Drop Down field UI to the latest version.
  • Updated Gravity Forms database schema for performance and scalability.

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How to Reduce Customer Fears Around Checkout Forms

Customer fears checkout

What makes a customer abandon their online cart?

The answer to that question can be complicated. There are many reasons that someone might stop in the middle of the checkout process and never come back.

Some of those reasons are outside of your control.

Things like not having enough shipping options (or no free shipping) or product prices being too high can send a customer packing before they hit “Confirm Order.”

But in some cases, the issue isn’t with the product at all. It’s entirely with the checkout process itself.

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A Non-Developer’s Guide to Creating WordPress Forms

Forms are often a necessary part of the website creation process.

That doesn’t mean that they’re easy to build, of course. They can be. But not always.

Maybe they need some fancy features, like conditional logic or calculations, in order to work the way you want. Or maybe they’re just ugly and you’re not sure how to “pretty” them up.

If you’re not a web developer or designer, but you’re still building forms yourself, it might feel intimidating to tackle the complexities of form building.

This is doubly true if you have questions about the form-building process.

What are the best tools for form building? How many forms fields do you need? What happens after someone submits a form? What does a good form landing page look like?

The good news is that you don’t have to be a web developer or designer to build functional, optimized web forms. You just need a few answers to your questions.

With that in mind, here is a simple guide to building web forms in WordPress (even if you’re not totally WordPress-savvy).

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5 Cool Things Sites are Doing With Gravity Forms

Gravity forms examples

If you gave a set of the same building blocks to 10 different people, you’d most likely end up with vastly different results.

The same is true of WordPress plugins.

Give 10 developers the same access to Gravity Forms, for example, and you’ll get 10 different forms. But that’s sort of how we want it to be.

Gravity Forms gives you the building blocks to create almost any type of form you could think of, and there are some pretty cool things that developers have done when given free reign.

With that in mind, here are 5 examples of cool forms that use Gravity Forms as a foundation.

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Uploading Files to Google Drive from WordPress

Google Drive Logo

If you frequently handle user-submitted file uploads on your WordPress site, you'll likely want to place them on a cloud storage provider like Google Drive. By sending your file uploads to a cloud storage provider such as Google Drive, you will not only have a backup in the event of a disaster, but your web host will likely be much happier with them off of your server. In this article, we'll show you how to easily send any file uploads from your WordPress form directly to Google Drive.

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RIP CAPTCHA? Why You Might Not Need It (And What to Do Instead)

If you have a form, you’ll get spam. That’s the inevitable truth.

So you need a way to block spammers from flooding your form submissions.

Up until a few years ago, the accepted anti-spam device was CAPTCHA — a program designed to protect against spambots by generating tests that only humans could pass.

The idea was to create a system that was nearly impossible for bots to fill in your form. It wasn’t a perfect system by any means, but for years it was all we had to add any level of security to our devices.

Recently, however, Google declared the death of CAPTCHA.

Bots were getting too smart for it to work as intended, and humans were getting too annoyed with the process to keep it around.

But with its passing, there leaves a big gap in form security. So what's left to replace it?

Don’t miss our FREE download: 7 Tips for Reducing Spambots in WordPress

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Add-On Developers: We Want to Hear from You!

Excited Crowd

Part of what makes Gravity Forms the top choice in WordPress form plugins is our extensive developer community, whose devotion and hard work producing top-notch Gravity Forms add-ons enriches the utility of our own product in ways we never imagined. We want to help our ingenious users find your amazing add-ons!

What We're Working On

In the coming weeks, we'll be launching a brand new section of the site to highlight developers like you and the add-ons you produce. From this area users will be able to browse or search a directory of third party add-ons, see a little bit of detail about the add-on, as well as some information on the developers behind them. If a user then wants more information, or to download or purchase, we will send them directly to your website so you can ensure that all necessary information is presented just as you intended.

We hope that these changes will not only allow developers everywhere to bring new attention to their Gravity Forms add-ons, but also help our users better identify high-quality add-ons to fit their needs.

Want In?

If you want to get a jump-start and be among the third party Gravity Forms add-ons that are listed at launch, we are now accepting applications. We need information about you and your plug-ins, so submit via our add-on submission page. We will be reviewing all submissions in the coming weeks, and will reach out to you if we have any questions. You can submit once for every add-on you wish to be featured. We want to include as many add-ons as possible, but the final verdict on what is included and what is not will be solely at our discretion. So use common sense and good language.

We look forward to featuring your amazing work!


Sending Form Entries to Google Calendar

Google Calendar Logo

Do you need to schedule events using forms on your WordPress site but don't want to manually view entries to add them to Google Calendar? In this article, we'll outline how to automatically send your form entries directly to Google Calendar using Gravity Forms and Zapier.

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Gravity Forms v2.3 RC 5 Released

Gravity Forms v2.3 Release Candidate 5 is now available via the downloads page. It is only available via automatic update if you have previously installed a Gravity Forms v2.3 Beta or Release Candidate. Version 2.3 is a feature release that includes a variety of enhancements and improvements. A complete rundown of the features, enhancements, and changes can be found below.
This is the first time Gravity Forms has ever made such a major change to the database schema so we want to ensure that every site is upgraded successfully without any loss of entry data. To avoid potential issues we advise all customers to test this version before the final release and report any issues.
Now is the time for 3rd party developers and customers who have implemented customizations that may be impacted by these changes to be testing and readying changes in preparation for the final release of Gravity Forms v2.3 via automatic update. read more