Sure, we can tell you about how great Gravity Forms is, but it means so much more coming from the people who actually use the product. Here's just a handful of quotes from satisfied Gravity Forms customers.

“Got a developer license of Gravity Forms today.. have to say very impressed so far and the MailChimp integration is great”

— Chris Kemm, Twitter

“Great customer service and communication all around from you & your team.”

— D. Picariello

“Looks great! WordPress users are going to love it!”

— Tyler Shick, Blurbia

“Every time I wonder if Gravity Forms can do something, the answer is always yes.”

— Andrew Norcross, Twitter

“After discovering Gravity Forms, I will never create another form by hand again. Ever. It’s that easy, and that powerful.”


“You know you’re a computer nerd when installing @rocketgenius’s Gravity Forms really gets you excited!”

— Identiti Web Dev, Twitter

“Really enjoying Gravity Forms from @rocketgenius Simplicity with power. Made it easy to collaborate with my client to get the forms done!”

— Mike Hoefer, Twitter

“Have to give a thumbs up to the folks @rocketgenius. 1. Gravity Forms is an awesome plugin. 2. Their support and communication rocks.”

— Creativity Mill, Twitter

“Probably the best WordPress plugin I have ever purchased, great work rocketgenius – a must for WP fans!”

— Carl Hendy

“Not to sound critical towards other software but I have to tell you that the integration with Gravity Forms compared to your competitors was much easier to flow through as you have a wonderful API. Please keep on documenting your action/filter hooks thoroughly as you do. Well done!”

— Antoine Potgeiter

“Creating a blog submission page for a client using Gravity Forms. So easy – love it!”

— Lisa Wood, Twitter

“The best WordPress plugin for me is Gravity Forms by a mile. I keep being amazed by its power”

— Simon Lewis, Twitter

“Gravity Forms for Wordpress, I love you :)”

— Sean Johnson, Twitter

“If you’ve got a WordPress blog… Gravity Forms is worth it.”

— Chris Enns, Twitter

“So @rocketgenius’ Gravity Forms for WordPress is pretty damn sweet. “

— DJ Lein, Twitter

“Gravity Forms is the best form processor I’ve ever seen for WordPress, they are constantly innovating.”

— Scott Clark

“Very happy with the support provided by @rocketgenius – submitted a priority ticket & got a very prompt & helpful response”

— Ken Hood, Jr., Twitter

“Thanks for the support! You guys are the best at taking care of your clients!”

— Sam Ritter

“The way I see it, you either pay for a great forms solution like Gravity Forms or with your time using the other options”

— Nick Croft, Twitter

“For a WordPress site, definitely check out Gravity Forms. Best plugin I have purchased”

— Adam Hansen, Twitter

“It’s amazing what you can build with Gravity Forms”

— Casey Kluver, Twitter

“Gotta love Gravity Forms.”

— Aaron Kerr, Twitter

“@rocketgenius seriously impressive support. Genuinely appreciated. Thanks”

— Michael Silva, Twitter

“Your software is going to continue helping us find loving homes for abused, abandoned and elderly animals. I’d say you have a lot of good karma coming your way!”

— Joel, Focus On Ferals

“This is great! Thanks so much. Your support rocks.”

— Dick Sijtsma

“Gravity Forms is my favorite software for the year! Loving it!”

— Blog Tyrant, Twitter

“Gravity Forms is hands down one of the best form plugins I have seen around”

— Aydin Hamouni

“Gravity Forms.. Best contact form in WordPress. Period. Just do it. Seriously. No really.”

— Leighton Hubbell, Twitter

“I continue to be amazed at the flexibility and range of customizations that can be done with Gravity Forms from @rocketgenius.”

— John Mackey, Twitter

“What’s most intriguing (about Gravity Forms) is the potential of this product… This is the MACK DADDY of form plugins!”

— Tom Westervelt

“@rocketgenius just installed Gravity Forms and it changed my life… #thankyou #myhero”

— Jessica Sutton, Twitter

“I’m so glad that I found Gravity Forms to use with WordPress – nice and clean… saved me hours last night.”

— Geoff Snyder, Twitter

“Purchased the Developer Edition of Gravity forms by @rocketgenius. Dynamite WordPress Web Forms AND Lead Gen management. Incredible!”

— Wesley Winston, Twitter

“Two thumbs way up for the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin.. Kicks some major ass.”

— Aaron Forgue

“It is an absolute pleasure to work with a plugin that is as high quality as Gravity Forms by @rocketgenius”

— Pippin Williamson, Twitter

“Gravity Forms is by far the best form plugin I’ve ever used for WordPress”

— Tom Still, Twitter

“if only all WordPress plugin authors would write extendable code like Gravity Forms – actions & filters”

— Andreas de Pretis, Twitter

“I love Gravity Forms. Pre-selecting fields based on a query string passed in the URL is brilliant!”

— Alex Mansfield, Twitter

“Gravity Forms is by far the best plugin for forms available. Since it’s release, I’ve replaced every contact form on my sites with this elegant solution.”

— Bill Robbins

“Thank you very much for your speedy responses and support! “

— Dan Marlow

“Gravity Forms WordPress plugin, where have you been all my life? This plugin will be standard for every site I build now.”

— John Schultz, Twitter

“Just bought Gravity Forms by @rocketgenius. First five minutes, worth the money already.”

— John Grubb, Twitter

“CSS Classes in latest version of Gravity Forms are awesome! checklists in columns, scrolling boxes for terms & conditions…”

— Jo Couchman, Twitter

“Epic customer service – Thanks!”

— RCGroup

“You are the star my man, you saved me soooo many hours of stress. I can’t thank you enough 🙂 GREAT PEOPLE, GREAT PRODUCT, GREAT SUPPORT!”

— Usman Shahzad

“Gravity Forms is worth every cent even at full price, VERY highly recommended (I’ve tried ’em all!)”

— Jonny A, Twitter

“Perfection! Thanks so much. You guys ROCK!”

— Kelley Rao

“Thank you Gravity Forms for making your hooks/filters so damn easy.”

— Chris Everson, Twitter

“@rocketgenius Absolutely love Gravity Forms. Simplicity and awesomeness. Rock on!”

— Wayne John, Twitter

“I wish all the priority support teams were as helpful. I’ve been waiting for a secondary response from the “another” Priority Support team for over a week 🙁 You made my day – thanks again.”

— Natasha Bird

“@rocketgenius – I finally put up and got a Gravity Forms developer license. No regrets.”

— Mike Smick, Twitter

“We are loving Gravity Forms – we’ve implemented it for a few clients already. Super job!”

— ContentRobot

“Thanks @rocketgenius for making Gravity Forms. Literally pleased as punch with the ‘drag and drop’.”

— Christopher Stasiuk, Twitter

“loving it 🙂 get me a copy ASAP :)”

— Joost de Valk, Yoast

“I Used Gravity Forms for all the forms around (my) site.. It was a life saver, totally worth the $$”

— Tony Stuck, Twitter

“This plugin rocks!”

— Jordan Hilario

“I’m a huge fan of Gravity Forms, I hold an active Developer License, and program custom solutions on top of Gravity Forms all the time. The Gravity Forms code is VERY good, and very complete. Clearly they take a very careful and thorough approach to code things the right way, complete with hooks, filters, etc. Their code is bug-free. Special thanks too for the PayPal subscription effort – it’s very thorough and useful.”

— Adam Schwartz

“Gravity Forms Developer License, where have you been my whole life? Looks like an essential WordPress plugin.. Ordering today”

— Tony Darrick Baker, Twitter

“I love the Gravity Forms #WordPress plugin from @rocketgenius. That is really all I have to say.”

— Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Twitter

“I’ve been very pleased with Gravity Forms, but the support/service has blown me away.”

— Heather Downey

“I’m using Gravity Forms by @rocketgenius.. it’s the only form I’ll use these days”

— Rich Staats, Twitter

“Just saw a preview of a seriously slick new WordPress plugin from rocketgenius. Good work boys!”

— Michael Davis,

“Gravity Forms rock pretty hard”

— Ted Goas, Twitter

“Gravity Forms is one of those companies that really get premium WordPress products right. Awesome product AND support.”

— Stéphane Bergeron, Twitter

“WOW! I love it! :)”

— Adii Rockstar, WooThemes

“I love Gravity Forms for making my WordPress development life SO much easier.”

— Rohan Nair, Twitter

“If Gravity Forms was a person, it would be Chuck Norris…ha ha”

— Adem Shukru

“Gravity Forms is one of the few plug-ins that I’m able to teach clients to make their own forms, and they get creative too!”

— Howard Yermish, Twitter

“Just did a multipage survey on a website using Gravity Forms by @rocketgenius Awesome. The software makes forms way easy.”

— Mike Smick, Twitter

“I’ve used quite a few different plug-ins for WordPress for designing forms and I have to say that Gravity Forms is the absolute best and easiest that I have used.”

— Lacy Moore

“Wow! The more I use Gravity Forms, the more impressed I am – it rocks!”

— Mark Wilkinson, Twitter

“I love Gravity Forms for WordPress… Best plugin ever!”

— Damian Gostomoski, Twitter

“I really, sincerely, and truly appreciate the support. I will be signing up for ANOTHER year at the end of this year. You definitely won me as a lifelong customer with all this attention. Thank you.”

— Chris Moore

“Look at the huge form I built with no programming knowledge! Love you guys and can’t wait to build another form :)”

— Lisa Robinson

“I would have never believed that I could receive a solution in this short amount of time. I can’t thank you enough for your help and quick response time!!! Now I know why Gravity Forms is highly recommended! great product + great support”

— Clay Kitchens

“Finally got a chance to use Gravity Forms on a website. Amazingly good forms builder, can’t wait to use it more.”

— Dean Olmstead, Twitter

“I am a WordPress developer and have used many different WordPress plug-ins for a wide variety of purposes. I’d have to say that not only is Gravity Forms one of the best plug-ins I’ve ever come across, but their support is second to none. I can’t tell you how many times I found a promising plug-in to discover their support is either ludicrous or non-existent. Anytime I have ever had a question, sometimes simple, sometimes very complex… the guys at Gravity Forms did everything they could to help in a very timely fashion.”

— w1nk5, Number 4 Studios

“@rocketgenius I love, love, love Gravity Forms!”

— Code Forte, Twitter

“Gravity Forms on its own is the best forms plugin I have ever seen.”

— Jeff Nelson

“Giving Gravity Forms a run. Support so far has been outstanding.”

— Brian Chappell

“I just did something cool with Gravity Forms. Awesome product.”

— Travis Northcutt, Twitter

“This is not a review of contact forms, but.. my recommendation? Spring for $39 and get the premium plugin Gravity Forms. It’s flexible, fail-proof, easy to use and their user support is phenomenal.”

“Gravity Forms is a fantastic WordPress plugin with fast and thorough support. Highly recommended.”

— Brian Purkiss, Twitter

“This plugin’s name is a misnomer for it hasn’t followed the path of gravity. It’s a star is rising way higher than a lot of its competitors combined. The reason for this is its functionality. There is no other plugin that can offer the exact same features all in one license. Web designers know that and that is why Gravity Forms is one of the most popular plugins out there.”


“Just created a quiz form for a WordPress site using Gravity Forms. Super easy to do – loving Gravity Forms right now.”

— Flynn O’Connor, Twitter

“I have read it over and over again on the internet, but it’s really true. The Gravity Forms staff truly takes care of their customers. I really appreciate the help. Everything is working great. You went out of your way for me. I have never received such great support from an internet based company before and I really appreciate it.”

— Ricky Zilem

“Loving Gravity Forms Import/Export, saves so much time when using same contact form on 2+ websites”

— Dan J. Harrison, Twitter

“I gotta say thanks for Gravity Forms, along with the add-ons it’s completely improved my WordPress sites”

— Joe Jenkins, Twitter

“Honestly, Gravity Forms is unrivaled when it comes to creating custom forms for WordPress.”

— leftlane

“Compared to the cost of hiring a web designer, investing in Gravity Forms is a no-brainer.”

— Shirley Mungall

“Some of the most thorough customer support I’ve ever received from a plugin provider”

— Nash Haywood

“Simply put, Gravity Forms has allowed me to do what I do best: design and develop kick ass WordPress sites. Setting up forms was always a nightmare, with every client wanting some tweak or special tidbit of info that didn’t jive with the other form plugins. Gravity has given me the ability to simply say ‘Yes, we can do that’ without hesitation.”

— Andrew Norcross

“This plugin has been such a time and life saver”

— Tammy Hart, Twitter

“We put up a site yesterday to start a petition (using Gravity Forms) to stop legislation similar to the SOPA legislation being enacted in Ireland. It went live at 9.30 last night, Irish time. As of 2pm today, it had been signed just short of 10000 times. We didn’t expect that fast and large a response, but I’d just like to say that all of us associated with this are beyond thrilled at how Gravity Forms and Wordpress have coped. It’s been entirely trouble free.”

— Katherine Nolan

“Gravity Forms is light years beyond another other contact form plugin..worth every penny..very intuitive and easy to use”

— Thomas Griffin, Twitter

“Winning with Gravity Forms – My new customers are going to love the ease of registering for camps!”

— Ed Muntz, Twitter

“It’s AMAZING – a HIT!”

— Cory Miller, iThemes

“This is without question the best WordPress plugin for forms. There is no competition.”

— Nicholas Cardot,

“Bought developer license of Gravity Forms for WordPress; implemented first form for client with incredible ease – Great work.”

— Randy Hoyt

“Gravity Forms is amazing, didn’t realize the power it could bring to posting new content until now”

— William Preston, Twitter

“Thank you for this plugin of awesomeness.”

— Alta Peterson

“I just want to say that Gravity Forms is absolutely amazing..”

— David Peralty, Branding David

“Gravity Forms is seriously one of the best WP plugins ever written’

— Phillip Copley, Twitter

“Thanks @rocketgenius! You made a great product!”

— Hubert Sawyers III, Twitter

“Gravity Forms is truly excellent.”

— Jack McConnell

“Gravity Forms rocks! That is all.”

— Brian Casel, Twitter

“Check out Gravity Forms… its bloody brilliant!”

— Justin Parks

“We use Gravity Forms at Headway Themes and I would not be without it… and we highly recommend it to our customers.”

— Grant Griffiths, Headway Themes via Twitter

“I do love Gravity Forms for WordPress. it makes life so easy”

— Darryl King, Twitter

“Gravity Forms is a work of art. Seriously, other WP Plugins dont come close.”

— Matthew Setchell, Twitter

“Y’all have great customer service!”

— bwp2004, Gravity Forms Support Forum

“If you run a WordPress website… get Gravity Forms. Holy sh*t. Best plugin ever. It’s completely changed how I do forms overnight.”

— Pete Berg, Twitter

“Man, the User Registration add-on for Gravity Forms made my life way easier”

— Curtis McHale, Twitter

“I appreciate your help, and your amazing plugin.”

— Declan O’Neill

“Why I’m telling you this at 6.30am (or at all) is a mystery, but Gravity Forms is the best WordPress thing ever.”

— Andrew Chapman, Twitter

“Thanks for a brilliant plugin. Gravity Forms really is a masterpiece!”

— adomedia

“Holy Crap! WordPress just went up a notch with the release of Gravity Forms. I can’t believe how great this form tool is.”

— Edmund Pelgen, Marketing Reach SEO

“Thank you and thanks for your customer support. Gravity Forms is truly excellent.”

— Jack McConnell

“I rock at Gravity Forms…so much so that they are all over my site now. What an awesome plugin.”

— Lindsey Miller, Twitter

“Gravity Forms is a SUPER nice product, with great support!!”

— Munman

“Pretty much anything you ever wanted a form to do.. Gravity Forms can do it.”


“That Gravity Forms plugin really is amazing. Great job @rocketgenius!”

— Rutger Laurman, Twitter

“I’ve used cForms a good bit but I gave Gravity Forms a try this week and love its simplicity and power. Great for clients.”

— Bill Robbins

“I swear I sold three copies of Gravity Forms at last night’s Tech Week meetup just by demoing it. This happens EVERY time…!”

— Doug Stewart, Twitter

“Thanks, this is so simple to use. I love Gravity Forms.”

— vezubuhle

“@carlhancock You guys at Gravity Forms are the best. Great product, great support.. thanks”

— Marc Saxe, Twitter

“@rocketgenius I just bought Gravity Forms and put it on my first website yesterday! love it”

— David A Rosales, Twitter

“One of the best things we’ve ever bought – Gravity Forms plugin for WordPress from @rocketgenius – A fantastic, classy plugin”

— Fublo, Twitter

“You guys rock. This is some of the best customer service I’ve seen in a while.”

— Bryce Raley

“Gravity Forms, you make my heart sing!”

— Tammy Hart, Twitter

“Gravity Forms is fantastic. Much better than cforms (which is what I used to use).”

— James Collins, Twitter

“Gravity Forms is easily the best forms plugin for WordPress, highly recommended!”

— Joost De Valk,

“Gravity Forms is a spectacular plugin, and working with it is a pleasurable experience. It is user-friendly and does what it claims to do. I especially like being able to override inherited theme styles that adversely affect Gravity Forms. Your documentation is loaded with examples that I used as a basis to add code to my theme’s CSS file to achieve the Gravity Forms look that I desired.”

— Frank Gennaro

“If you’re a WordPress enthusiast looking for a solid custom form solution, Gravity Forms is where it’s at.”

— Liz Hunt, Twitter

“Your product and attention to service ROCK!”

— Donald Harper

“everything you guys do with Gravity Forms blows my mind”

— Rich Staats, Twitter

“Wanted to tweet a huge thanks to team behind Gravity Forms, one of the best WordPress plugins of all time, with support that is 2nd to none”

— Richard Best, Twitter

“Gravity Forms is awesome. Get it. Get the dev license and never worry about forms in WordPress again…”

— Vin Thomas, Twitter

“It is very unusual to have this level of response and support from a company”

— Debra Delisle

“I’m is very pleased with the Gravity Forms for WordPress plugin I just bought. Money well spent.”

— Reinder de Vries, Twitter

“If you don’t use Gravity Forms, you’re making things harder on yourself”

— Marketing Press, Twitter

“My WordPress plugin hero of the day is Gravity Forms. It is so useful for so many different situations.”

— Rachel Baker, Twitter

“This plugin worth every cent! It can do everything I wanted and needed and even more than I thought. You guys did a very great job”

— VladNov

“The functionality you’re building into this plugin is truly outstanding.”

— Richard Best

“I would like to declare my love for @rocketgenius and their Gravity Forms, amazing plugin, and equally amazing customer support.”

— Nate Woods, Twitter

“Gravity Forms new version just came out and it keeps getting better and better! It is the best WP Forms plugin around.”

— Phej

“Love this plugin, probably the best I’ve ever seen, good job guys.”

— Louis Cedeno

“Awesome, awesome plugin..! I want to use it and don’t even have a need for it right now. This will be big.”

— Justin Tadlock, ThemeHybrid

“Gravity Forms is freakin’ awesome my friend!”

— Gary Snyder

“Buying a developer license for Gravity Forms was the smartest thing I ever did. I’m comforted that you haven’t stopped developing and innovating. I’ve become afraid to use any free software now!”

— Todd Neufeld

“I would highly recommend Gravity Forms. It is definitely the best way to do forms on WordPress”

— Roberto Villarreal, Twitter

“Thanks again. Gravity Forms service is unparalleled.”

— Richard Best

“Bought the Dev license to Gravity Forms because it’s just plain awesome.”

— Brad Potter

“The latest Gravity Forms updates are very good for new users as a site is handed off & they want a new form”

— Jesse Peterson, Twitter

“Thanks for the prompt support as always, you guys are great!”

— Marc Lyman

“Gravity Forms is so damn awesome…..I can’t express how thankful I am for all the work Rocketgenius has put (and continues to put) in this amazing plugin. I have never found a forms plugin that even comes close to the capabilities of this plugin. And to back it up with such awesome support is phenomenal. Thank you Rocketgenius. You have a customer for life.”

— VegasKev

“Fantastic plugin and stellar support!”

— Diana Bubser

“Thanks to @carlhancock for quick Gravity Forms support via the forums. Great product, great team!”

— Cynthia LaLuna, Twitter

“You can’t beat service like this! Go buy Gravity Forms for WordPress, you won’t regret it.”

— Ben Cook

“I’m a web developer using Gravity Forms for several of my clients and I have never received the kind of support with any other 3rd party application that I have with Gravity Forms. Amazing.”

— Ben Lawrence

“I’ve tried other contact form plugins before, but none with this level of usability and some of the fastest support I’ve ever received!”

— James Morrison

“Been using Gravity Forms by @rocketgenius for a couple months now and I LOVE it. Makes all forms super-easy. So intuitive to use.”

— KeriLynn Engel, Twitter

“Gravity Forms rocks – all the rest are a waste of energy ;)”

— Steve Hooper, Twitter

“Using Gravity Forms from @rocketgenius – had difficult issue to solve, their support was amazing and extremely responsive! Best WordPress plugin!”

— Devin Day, Twitter

“You guys are awesome. I would have never figured that (support issue) out!!”

— Stan Wagner, Red Thread Creative

“Ok. Gravity just went from great, to unbelievably killer. That is the complete bizness! Incredible support. Thank you. I’m spreading the word.”

— David, Jammbox

“Gravity Forms is the ULTIMATE #WordPress forms solution IMHO”

— Johnny A, Twitter

“Gravity Forms is awesome! :)”

— Marcello Gesmundo

“Every time I use @rocketgenius’s Gravity Forms, I get giddy! It makes form management *so easy*”

— Brett Bearce, Twitter

“Can’t say enough good things about @rocketgenius and Gravity Forms. First the product is awesome but the support is just amazing! “

— Stéphane Bergeron, Twitter

“The new Gravity Forms updates are pretty awesome.”

— Eric Hecht, Twitter

“Gravity Forms rocks, it’s saved me a ton of time in coding!!!”

— Jared Cobb

“Just discovered notification routing in Gravity Forms. My gosh this plugin is worth every penny!”

— @jchristopher, Twitter

“Finally playing with Gravity Forms – really really really sexy work. Going to buy a developer license pronto.”

— Chris Hort, Twitter

“This is possibly the fastest service I have ever had through an online support forum. Thank you so much.”

— Timothy David Berry

“I just used the PayPal add-on with Gravity Forms.. So easy to implement.”

— Michelle Gustafson, Twitter

“Now that’s super awesome support! @rocketgenius gets it…Gravity Forms #FTW – The de facto standard, period!”

— Dremedia, Twitter

“I love how I don’t have to worry about WordPress upgrades being compatible with @rocketgenius’s Gravity Forms! These guys are on top things!”

— Troy Chaplin, Twitter

“This is AWESOME!!! I’ve been looking FOREVER for a good contact form solution for WordPress”

— Dan Philibin, WPCandy

“Gravity Forms is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. It’s much more than just a plugin; it’s a performance enhancing dose of WordPress steroids.”

— Shirley Mungall

“I read it everywhere and now i’m saying it Gravity Forms by @rocketgenius best plugin you’ll ever buy. And exceptional support! thx.”

— Daniel Leroux, Twitter

“My workplace bought Gravity Forms by @rocketgenius a couple of weeks ago. We couldn’t be happier! Makes life a lot easier.”

— Tim Moore, Twitter

“I LOVE this plugin so far…I’ve been using it less than 5 minutes and it’s great! Way better than the form solution I was using before! :)”

— Andria

“Normally ‘plug and play’ translates to ‘break down and cry’. But Gravity Forms was designed with the average person (people like me) in mind. Just point and click, and Shazaam!”

— Shirley Mungall

“If you’re using WordPress, try using Gravity Forms by @rocketgenius. Lead capture, custom pathways.. it does it all.”

— Nicky Papers, Twitter

“Wow nice. WordPress form management will never be the same.”

— Gilbert Pellegrom

“Seriously.. you guys are turning Gravity Forms into a must have plugin for developers.”

— Brian Krogsgard, Twitter

“Just bought a @rocketgenius Gravity Forms Dev pack, great little product for WordPress forms.. Awesome!”

— David Burden, Twitter

“I say it a lot – but Gravity Forms really is fabulous.”

— Dave Briggs, Twitter

“Hoy cow. You all aren’t kidding. Gravity Forms *IS* pretty awesome!”

— BrassBlogs, Twitter

“Gravity Forms is so much more than just a form builder. Anyone who calls it just a form builder doesn’t truly understand what it is capable of doing”

— George Burley

“Gravity Forms is now the only forms I will use on WordPress. Much more intuitive, full featured, great service. Love it!”

— Josh McKenney, Twitter

“When it comes to Wordpress plugins, @gravityforms from @rocketgenius ranks among our top for 2010. Major time saver.”

— Eventmedia, Twitter

“Wow, Gravity Forms update to 1.6 is well worth it. Nice features plus wonderful updates to their UI”

— Rachel Shillcock, Twitter

“Hey guys ,I just renewed my license. I have to say, Gravity Forms is the only product I’ve ever bought that I use for every single one of my clients. The features, ease of use, and updates are worth so much more than you guys are charging for it. Keep being awesome.”

— Mike Heath

“Buy (Gravity Forms). that’s it – best contact form plugin ever!”

— Shayne Sanderson, Twitter

“As far as WordPress plugins go, there aren’t many that I’d be willing to pay for. Gravity Forms is a different beast altogether. It actually makes creating forms fun.”

— Studio Six Twenty-Five

“Slick as peanut butter on a hot bagel.. Gravity Forms is intuitive, and simply works.”

— Jeffrey Burke

‘Your customer service is AWESOME! Between the add-ons and the excellent support, my developers license has already proven well worth it.”

— Jason Satterwhite

“Gravity Forms, in my professional opinion, is the best form builder I’ve found for WordPress. Hands-down the best.”

— Wayne John

“Hello Gravity Forms (by far the best #WordPress forms plugin around – well worth dev license)”

— divydovy, Twitter

“Huge thanks to Kevin Flahaut at Rocketgenius for his superlative Gravity Forms assistance with an IE8 CSS issue”

— Richard Best, Twitter

“@carlhancock it’s responses like this one that make me feel good in recommending Gravity Forms to people. Support is top notch.”

— Andrew Norcross, Twitter

“Using Gravity Forms for the first time. So worth the dev package.. #amazed”

— Cole Geissinger, Twitter

“may be a little late but hat tip to @rocketgenius for having excellent customer service…thanks for treating @crossfitelevate like a rock star!”

— CrossFitElevate, Twitter

“I installed Gravity Forms – LOVE IT. :)”

— Karen Lewis, Twitter

“Great support, and excellent software!!!!”

— Michael Cerovac

“Gravity Forms is one of THE best examples of a WordPress product. I LOVE using them & their support is awesome”

— Naomi Bush, Twitter

“I was a training a client on using Gravity Forms today. They were amazed how easy it was to learn. Your plugin rocks!”

— Brad Potter

“Gravity Forms has to be one of the best WordPress products I’ve ever used.”

— Bill Robbins

“This is really just fantastic! Your plugin is absolutely one of the best things that has happened to WordPress.”

— Joe Torma

“Gravity Forms rocks! Its functionality goes way beyond just a ‘form’ plugin. I highly recommend it”

— Kim Turcotte, Twitter

“Gravity Forms is still undisputed champ of WordPress forms!”

— Taylor Smith, Twitter

“I bought a Gravity Forms single site license a month or so ago, will definitely upgrade soon, it is awesome.”

— Andy Crofford, Twitter

“Best WordPress plugin I ever used by far is Gravity Forms by @rocketgenius – amazing how useful it is!”

— Bjorn Wallman, Twitter

“@rocketgenius OMG! Where have you been all my life? I LOVE Gravity Forms!! Thanks for such a great product!”

— Chad, Twitter

“Gravity Forms for Wordpress rocks! Working on a huge, conditional form. Having no trouble making it work exactly how I want it to!”

— Seth James, Twitter

“Nothing out there can touch Gravity Forms.”

— Aaron Belafonte, Twitter

“Thanks again – you guys’ support ROCKS!”

— Samantha Vondal

“I swear @rocketgenius’s Gravity Forms is a lifesaver. Saves me hours off every site I build. Love it!”

— Nick Reese, Twitter

“I love the new UI changes and features in Gravity Forms! A lot of hard work went into this one!”

— Bruce Munson, Twitter

“One of the most worthwhile purchases for current site was the Gravity Forms plugin for WordPress”

— The Style Dragon, Twitter

“Finally..a WordPress plugin to fill this niche. I can’t wait to plug in Gravity Forms in ALL my future sites.”

— Shawn Hesketh

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