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There's no doubt that Gravity Forms officially supports more 3rd-party services than any other WordPress form plugin. The ability to connect your forms to your unique workflow is absolutely critical to your business' success. By making it easy for you to connect your forms to a multitude services such as MailChimp, PayPal, and Zapier, Gravity Forms is able to adapt to your needs without the need for complex setup or development.

Integrate Over 1,000 Apps with Zapier

One of our most powerful add-ons that we offer is the Zapier add-on. Due to our strong relationship with Zapier over the years and their commitment to making service-to-service integrations easy for everyone, Gravity Forms now supports over 1,000 different apps through Zapier.

Reaching over 1,000 different integrations is an impressive feat, and we want to thank Zapier for all of their hard work. In fact, there are so many Gravity Forms users that are utilizing Zapier in one way or another, that we're one of their most-used integrations.

Why We Love Zapier: Workflows For Everyone

Many of our add-ons were initially created because we use them internally too. Zapier is a prime example of that.

For example, if Jeff needs to write a new release post when Richard releases a bug fix to Gravity Forms, Jeff can add a new item to his to-do list with all of the information he needs; all done in about 5 minutes without writing a single line of code.

Zapier simply makes the lives of entire teams easier. Why devote valuable development time to something that even the most basic user can do within minutes? The less time we spend on internal workflows, the more time we have to dedicate to improving Gravity Forms.

Why Wait? Give Zapier a Test Drive

If you're already a Gravity Forms subscriber, the Zapier add-on is already included in your license (excludes Basic and some Legacy licenses). Pick it today on your account's download page.

Don't have Gravity Forms yet? You can test drive Gravity Forms, the Zapier add-on, and all of our other add-ons from your very own personalized Gravity Forms demo.

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