Gravity Forms v1.9.6 Released

Gravity Forms v1.9.6 is now available via automatic update and the customer downloads page. This is a security and maintenance release.

The security issue we have patched is minor and not something that can be exploited without the user having admin access to your WordPress Dashboard. However, this may not be the case with the many other plugins that may be impacted.

This release was coordinated with numerous other plugin developers and the WordPress core team due to the fact a large number of WordPress plugins are impacted. Some of the other plugins include: Easy Digital Downloads, WP e-Commerce, All In One SEO, WP SEO and Automattic's Jetpack.

We highly recommend that you make sure that Gravity Forms is up to date on your WordPress site, and more importantly that all of of your WordPress plugins are also updated. Yoast has a great blog post that outlines the issue and how developers can avoid it going forward.

Updates have also been released for the following Gravity Forms Add-Ons: AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Coupons, Freshbooks, MailChimp, PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, Polls, Quiz, Stripe, Twilio, User Registration and Zapier. Be sure to check to make sure that all of your WordPress plugins have been updated.

What's New in Gravity Forms v1.9.6

  • Added 'gform_pre_replace_merge_tags' filter; allows replacement of default GF merge tags.
  • Added support for index on SetDefaultValues() JS function; allows 3rd parties adding custom field types to alter the default settings based on the position of the field being added.
  • Added support for the merge tag {pricing_fields} to handle the modifiers admin and value (ex: {pricing_fields:admin} ).
  • Added the gform_field_choice_markup_pre_render filter, including form specific version, for modifying the markup of radio and checkbox choices.
  • Added form specific version of the gform_form_post_get_meta filter.
  • Added security and enhancements to the single file upload field for some server configurations.
  • Added GFNotifications::get_routing_field_types() for fetching supported fields types.
  • Added 'gform_routing_field_types' filter; allows modifying supported routing field types.
  • Added minified versions of all JavaScript and CSS files. All minified versions of JavaScript and CSS files are now loaded by default. Use the SCRIPT_DEBUG constant or the query param gform_debug (e.g. to override.
  • Added security precautions to the file upload field. If the allowed file types setting is empty, then uploaded files will be checked against the WordPress whitelist of extensions and mime types. Use the WordPress filter upload_mimes to add or remove extensions/types. Use the gform_file_upload_whitelisting_disabled filter to disable completely.
  • Updated the Phone field to disable the input mask for Android phones. This is a temporary workaround for an issue with certain models of Android phones where numbers don't appear correctly inside the mask.
  • Updated the way date and time fields are dynamically populated and how their default values are reset by conditional logic; will be followed by a more comprehensive refactoring next development cycle.
  • Updated the gform_notification_events filter to include $form as the second parameter.
  • Updated Finnish localization.
  • Updated the Spanish (es_ES) translation.
  • Fixed a low severity security vulnerability in the admin area which could be exploited by authenticated users with form administration permissions.
  • Fixed an issue with resending notifications using admin label.
  • Fixed an issue with "copy values" for address field when conditional logic was enabled on that field.
  • Fixed PHP notices which occur when validating the Time field in some situations.
  • Fixed issue with empty form validation on multi-page forms.
  • Fixed a minor PHP Notice while in debug mode on the plugins page when the WordPress Simple Firewall plugin is active.
  • Fixed an issue where default Country was not correctly reset when conditional logic hides an Address field.
  • Fixed CSS issue with Enhanced UI Drop Downs on HDPI screens.
  • Fixed an issue with GFFormsModel::get_prepared_input_value() for Address fields returning an empty value when the copy values feature is enabled and the source field has a value.
  • Fixed an issue where blank entries were allowed to be created, even though they aren't displayed on the entry list.
  • Fixed an issue where entry count would take into account blank entries that aren't displayed on the entry list.
  • Fixed an issue causing the multi-file upload not to allow you to select a file under certain situations.
  • Fixed PHP warnings while in debug mode when adding a Form widget.
  • Fixed an issue where query string with special characters in confirmation redirect setting would get saved incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where post custom fields configured as Time or Date weren't getting properly upgraded to 1.9 format.
  • Fixed an issue in the form editor on WordPress 4.2 where the fields lower down the page cannot be reordered.
  • Fixed the shortcode preview on WordPress 4.2.
  • Fixed a JavaScript error in the single File Upload field when clearing a file that has failed validation.

Add-On Framework Updated in Gravity Forms v1.9.6

  • Added support for "callback" parameter to "field_select" setting type; allows custom filtering of fields to be populated in the select.
  • Added support in add-on framework for add-on translation (.mo) files in the WP_LANG_DIR/gravityforms folder. e.g. /wp-content/languages/gravityforms/
  • Updated GFAddon::settings_dynamic_field_map() to use instead of

    for consistency.
  • Updated dynamic field map setting field in add-on framework to match functionality in User Registration add-on. Adds custom key field to field map array if it does not exist. Only shows custom key field if no field map is provided.
  • Fixed a PHP notice in debug mode when rendering the field_select field with the args property.
  • Fixed a PHP notice on the plugins page in WordPress 4.2 when updates are available for Rocketgenius add-ons.
  • Fixed an issue with the creation of app menu items where top level menu items may not appear if another app is installed.
  • Fixed an issue with credit card payment feeds continuing to run after the field is deleted causing a validation error. Relevant feeds are now set to inactive when the credit card field is deleted.
  • Fixed an issue with callback processing occurring before feed processing for payment framework add-ons.
  • Added support in add-on framework for limiting field map fields to specific field types.
  • Fixed an issue with GFPaymentAddOn::get_submission_data() using rgpost() when preparing the billing info values instead of the $entry resulting in empty address values when the copy values feature is enabled and the source field has a value.
  • Fixed a PHP warning while in debug mode in the results page when the results are filtered and the result set is empty.
  • Fixed an issue whith styles not getting enqueued for in the app settings page.
  • Fixed an issue in the form submission process where feeds don't get processed for forms loaded via ajax or in the dashboard.

API Updates in Gravity Forms v1.9.6

  • Added support for arrays as entry search term values for entry meta combined with operators IN and NOT IN. Credit to Scott Kingsley Clark from Pods Framework.
  • Updated entry meta functions to improve performance for bulk operations. Credits to Zack Katz from Katz Web Services.

You can update to the latest version of Gravity Forms using Automatic Update. Just visit the Updates page under the Forms navigation in your WordPress Dashboard. Update deployment is staged so if you do not see the update available, try again in a few hours. You can also download the latest version of the plugin from the Downloads page.

Please Note: Automatic Update will only work if you have correctly entered your License Key in the Settings page of Gravity Forms in your WordPress Dashboard.

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8 Responses to "Gravity Forms v1.9.6 Released"
  1. trinity says:

    You need to update the title on the link for the downloads. 🙂

  2. Carl Hancock says:

    Thanks for pointing that out @trinity. I just corrected it.

  3. Why all of a sudden I can't DL the latest version ? My updates are not working and WPE is sending me nasty emails....

  4. Carl Hancock says:

    @tom Typically the only reason you wouldn't be able to get automatic updates would be an expired license key. But your license was renewed this month and is current. Try going to the Gravity Forms Settings page on the site having the issue (Forms > Settings) and then click the Save settings button. It should re-validate your license key. It should reflect that it's a valid key. Then go to the Updates page (Forms > Updates) and try and see if it allows you to install the automatic update. If this occurs contact our support team and someone can assist you.

    If the issue is accessing the Downloads page here on the support site then it could be an account issue with your support site account not being tied to your license. As with the automatic update issue I mentioned above, contact our support team and they can assist you further. Either way we'd need more information than what can be provided via comments. But try the above first if it's automatic update related.

  5. abfriesen says:

    I just updated to this version and now the website is a blank, white screen. !
    What do I do?

  6. Carl Hancock says:

    @abfriesen This is caused by an error that WordPress has encountered. You aren't seeing the error because WordPress hides errors like this by default and in some cases shows a blank white screen. What you describe is most likely going to be a PHP memory issue with your web host. The PHP memory setting has likely been configured very low, which is common with many shared web hosts, and you have exceeded the available memory which is causing an error... producing the white screen.

    The quickest way to determine what is causing the white screen is going to be to enable debug mode on your WordPress site. This is done by adding a command to the wp-config.php file for your WordPress site to tell WordPress to enable debug mode. See this WordPress codex page that explains how to do this:

    Once you enable debug mode, try and install and activate Gravity Forms. If you get a PHP error related message you'll need to contact your web host and ask how you increase the available memory on your site. This is typically a simple change made in the settings for your site. They'll be able to better assist you with making the change as it can vary from host to host.

    If it is not PHP memory related submit a support ticket and our support team can assist you further.

  7. abfriesen says:

    Here's what the debugger wrote: Fatal error: Class 'RGForms' not found in C:inetpubwww.houchenbindery.comwp-contentpluginsgravityformspaypalpaymentspropaypalpaymentspro.php on line 50

  8. Carl Hancock says:

    @abfriesen That is a very strange error to encounter in this situation. That means it can't find Gravity Forms, that function exists in Gravity Forms and is one of the main Gravity Forms functions used for a variety of things.

    What you can do is go to wp-content/plugins and delete the gravityformspaypalpaymentspro plugin folder, this will delete that Add-On. Then browse to your WordPress Dashboard, which should be accessible now, and make sure Gravity Forms is indeed installed and activated. If it isn't activated, activate it. Once you confirm it's activated then you can go to the Add-On page under the Forms navigation and re-install and re-activate the PayPal Payments Pro Add-On.

    If it won't activate for some reason submit a priority support ticket and our support team can assist you more hands on in resolving this issue and get you squared away. Comments aren't the best for handling these types of things as it's something that is site specific.

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