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Important Gravity Forms Standard Support Change Announcement

Carl Hancock By Carl Hancock Published July 11, 2013

We are announcing a major change to how we handle standard support. It will no longer be handled via a forum system. We will now be handling standard support requests via the same ticketing system we utilize for Contact Us and Priority Support requests.

Due to Gravity Forms explosive user growth over the last 4 years, the volume of support requests has also risen. This has made managing standard support via a forum environment simply to inefficient and unmanageable for our support team to provide the level of support we’d like to provide our users. Discussion Forums are simply not designed for managing and facilitating support. They are designed for discussion.

On a small scale they work, in situations where support is not paid and is provided by a community they can work, but for paid support with a support team managing a large user base they simply are not an efficient means to provide quality support.

The forums will remain and can be browsed, but new topics cannot be created. HOWEVER if you have an outstanding support ticket on the forum you can still work with our support team to resolve the issue via your existing post on the forum.

Only the creator of a forum post or a Gravity Forms support moderator will have the capabilities to reply to an existing support request on the forums. So if you have an outstanding support request on the forum, please continue working with our support team in the forum.

We will be going through the forums to resolve the outstanding threads and closing them as they are resolved. New requests should be submitted via the new support request form.

We’re sorry for those of you that preferred the forums. I know there are users who love being able to search them for issues, etc. But providing a high level of customer support is extremely important to us as a business and this change is going to allow us to continue doing so going forward.

We will re-launch new forums as part of a site re-launch that will be utilized for non-support purposes. We will also be launching new support resources such as a knowledge base which will be useful to those users who would use the forums as a search resource, as well as completely overhauling all documentation and adding additional support resources such as screencasts.

Making this change is something other commercial plugin and theme providers are doing as they discover how inefficient it is to manage a support for a large user base via forums. For another take on this topic check out Joost de Valk’s announcement at Yoast where they made the exact same change. We aren’t the first and won’t be the last to make this change.

What does this mean to you?

  • New support requests should be submitted via the new support form and will be handled via a ticket based system to better serve our customers needs.
  • Current support topics on the forum will still be handled via the forum until they are resolved and closed.
  • New topics cannot be created on the forums.
  • Only the creator of a topic and a forum moderator can reply to an existing unclosed topic on the forum.
  • Once outstanding support forum tickets have been closed, the forums will be phased out completely.
  • We will relaunch new forums, for non-support purposes, as part of a site redesign later this year, which will also include a user resource overhaul.

Have a new support request? Use one of the methods below to create a support ticket and our support team will be glad to assist you.

Support Tickets

 Open A New Support Ticket

 Open A New Priority Support Ticket *

* Developer license holders only