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Advanced Calculations

Perform complex Gravity Forms calculations with support for conditionals, exponents, and other powerful math functions.

Certified Add-On Advanced Calculations

What does it do?

Gravity Forms Advanced Calculations completely revamps calculations in Gravity Forms, adding support for complex mathematical functions directly within your Number and Product fields.

Not only does it empower you with advanced mathematical functions and conditionals, it improves the formula editing experience with a powerful new editor, complete with syntax highlighting, autocompletion, shorthand field references, and so much more!

A few examples:

  • Create mortgage, auto loan, and retirement calculators.
  • Forecast investment strategies.
  • Build a comprehensive cost calculator for any business.
  • Calculate duration (in combination with GP Date Time Calculator).


  • Merge tag shorthand.Clarify your calculations with shorthand and hover tooltips.
  • Heaps of mathematical functions.
    Spreadsheet style math directly in your form.
  • Conditional statements.Create intricate calculations with comparison operators.
  • Syntax highlighting.Automatic syntax highlighting eases building complex formulas that validate.
  • Ehanced validation.Formulas are validated on submission, ensuring proper calculation and security.
  • Works with default fields.Advanced Calculations integrates directly with all fields that support calculations.
  • Automatic updates.Get updates and the latest features right in your dashboard.
  • Legendary support.
    We’re known for our response times, and going above and beyond. Here’s what we mean.

We’re here to help.

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    Easily customize Gravity Forms to your exact needs.
  • Support you can count on.
    Our Pro plan averages a one hour response time and can help with minor customizations.
  • Zero risk to use.
    A 30 day money-back guarantee.

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