Gravity Forms v2.3 RC2 Released

Gravity Forms 2.3 RC2 Release Announcement

Gravity Forms v2.3 Release Candidate 2 is now available via the downloads page. It is only available via automatic update if you have previously installed a Gravity Forms v2.3 Beta. Version 2.3 is a feature release that includes a variety of enhancements and improvements. A complete rundown of the features, enhancements, and changes can be found below.
This is the first time Gravity Forms has ever made such a major change to the database schema so we want to ensure that every site is upgraded successfully without any loss of entry data. To avoid potential issues we advise all customers to test this version before the final release and report any issues.
Now is the time for 3rd party developers and customers who have implemented customizations that may be impacted by these changes to be testing and readying changes in preparation for the final release of Gravity Forms v2.3 via automatic update.

Gravity Forms v2.3 Highlights

  • Improved accessibility: tabindex attribute is now suppressed unless enabled via the shortcode or gform_tabindex filter.
  • Select All choice added to Checkbox Field to easily select/deselect all choices.
  • Multiple form export files can now be imported at once using the Import/Export tools.
  • Introduced support for OpenSSL encryption.
  • Deprecated support for Mcrypt encryption.
  • Added Notifications setting for defining CC email to Email Notification. Enabled using the new gform_notification_enable_cc filter.
  • Updated the included Chosen JS library for the enhanced Drop Down field UI to the latest version.

Upgrading to v2.3

The database upgrade process will be completely automatic and transparent and you won’t need to intervene. If your site or multisite network has a large number of entries (100k+) then, depending on your server resources, you may find the migration takes a long time to complete. If you have any questions or see any errors, please open a support ticket so we can help you.

Note for Developers

The database schema has changed in v2.3 to improve performance and scalability. If you have any code that accesses the Gravity Forms tables directly you will need to update your table and column names. Any existing code that uses Gravity Forms API functions (GFAPI) will not be affected.

Gravity Forms v2.3 RC2 Changelog

  • Fixed an issue where the database migration can fail if the collation of the new tables is different to the existing tables.
  • Fixed a notice in the conversions column of the forms list for some forms with PHP 7.1.
  • Fixed an issue with logging in the background processor.

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