Features : Order Forms

With pricing fields, Gravity Forms makes it's easy to create Order Forms in WordPress. Order forms can incorporate pricing specific fields to allow your users to make selections and generate a total based on product and option selections.

Product Fields

Allow users to select from one or multiple products using the product field. This is the primary pricing field used to generate the order total.

Option Fields

Does your product have options? Do T-shirts have sizes? Use the option field to add options for your product. Options can impact the total price.

Shipping Methods

Allow your user to select a shipping method. Shipping methods are predefined and can impact the total price.

Total Fields

We've added an option to the total field allows you to quickly display the total for the order based on pricing field selections.

PayPal Add-On for Payments

With the PayPal Add-On you can quickly and easily integrate your order form with the PayPal payment system.