Features : Customization

Gravity Forms is extremely powerful out of the box and even more powerful when you think outside the box. With a wide variety of action and filter hooks at your disposal, WordPress developers can customize Gravity Forms functionality using our extensive API.

Form Loading

Gravity Forms has a collection of hooks that can be used to manipulate the form data before the form is displayed. Tasks such as adding drop down items dynamically or pre-populating field values can be accomplished using them.

Form Submission

A variety of hooks exist that allow you to manipulate the entry data when the user submits the form. Tasks such as integrating with third party systems and dynamic notification routing can be accomplished using them.


Gravity Forms hooks can be used to allow the customization of certain elements within the Gravity Forms Administration tool.

Role Management

Gravity Forms introduces new capabilities to the WordPress Role system. We recommend using the Members plugin for role management. This plugin integrates with Gravity Forms out of the box and is available for download here.