Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On

Need to quickly allow users to register on your WordPress site? The User Registration Add-On for Gravity Forms makes registering users a breeze. Are you looking for BuddyPress integration with custom profile fields? It does that too. Running a Multi-Site install and want instant site creation? We have you covered.

Seamless Integration
Automatically register WordPress users when a form is submitted.
Multi-Site Creation
Automatically create a new WordPress site in your Network associated with the user that is created.
BuddyPress Integration
Populate BuddyPress custom profile fields with form data.
User Meta
Populate user meta data and create custom user meta with form data.
PayPal Integration
When used with the PayPal Add-On you can configure your form to only create the user when PayPal has confirmed their payment.
This Gravity Forms Add-On is an Advanced Add-On and is available only with a valid Developer License.