Gravity Forms PayPal Pro Add-On

Integrate Gravity Forms with PayPal's legacy PayPal Pro payment solution. Enable users to make payments directly on your site without sending the user to PayPal to complete the transaction.

This Add-On will NOT work with accounts configured to use PayPal's new PayPal Payments Pro product and will only work with users who have legacy PayPal Pro accounts that utilize the old PayPal Pro API. What PayPal is now offering as PayPal Payments Pro utilizes PayPal's Payflow API.

Seamless Integration
Automatically capture credit card payments with PayPal Pro when a form is submitted.
Product and Services
Setup and sell simple products or services in just minutes with one time credit card payments.
Recurring Payments
Setup and configure PayPal Recurring Billing subscriptions.
WordPress Posts
Configure your form to both create a post and accept a payment. The post is only created if the payment is approved.
User Registration
Configure your form so that users created with the User Registration Add-On are only created after payment is approved.
System Requirements
The Gravity Forms PayPal Pro Add-On requires Gravity Forms v1.6.3+, WordPress v3.3, a valid SSL Certificate installed and configured on your WordPress site, and PayPal Pro account.
This Gravity Forms Add-On is an Advanced Add-On and is available only with a valid Developer License.