Gravity Forms Freshbooks Classic Add-On

FreshBooks Classic integration is easy with the Gravity Forms FreshBooks Classic Add-On. Turn any Gravity Forms submission into a FreshBooks Classic invoice or estimates and automatically create FreshBooks Classic clients.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Add-On is not compatible with the new FreshBooks and only integrates with FreshBooks Classic. The new FreshBooks API has not been finalized and is currently in alpha. We will be exploring creating integration with the new FreshBooks as the API matures.

We currently recommend using Zapier for integrating Gravity Forms with the new FreshBooks.

Seamless Integration
Automatically add clients to your FreshBooks Classic account when a form is submitted.
Update existing client details when new forms are submitted.
Create Invoices
Automatically create invoices from a form submission.
Create Estimates
Automatically create estimates from a form submission.
This Gravity Forms Add-On is an Advanced Add-On and is available only with a valid Developer License.